Summer sailing and yacht charter holiday in the Caribbean


This summer however, we would also like to remind you that the Caribbean are back to its best following recent hurricane and prices for charter yachts there in months such as June and July are simply much more affordable. If you are to charter one of the more popular yachts such as new LAGOON 42 catamaran for example, the total costs of flights, charter fee and other extras is likely to be lower in the Caribbean, excluding maybe BVI’s, than anywhere else in the Med. Savings can run into hundreds but in most cases even thousands of Euros. These savings could translate into pocketing the money for another charter or simply using it to enjoy a spectacular sunset on a deserted beach while enjoying a grilled lobster dinner.

Hurricanes in the Caribbean are obviously a potential issue, yet during June and July one should not expect any and anywere between Grenada and St Lucia at least, but most likely in the Leeward islands including Antigua, St Martin and BVI’s. Some islands may also be hurricane free thus you would not need to worry even if your charter ends in August when official hurricane season has started. Some islands such as Martinique did not have a major hurricane since 1979. In fact, Martinique is located south of the usual course of hurricanes. In the unlikely event that a hurricane season comes early and it affects your own summer charter vacation in the Caribbean, your local base manager will keep you informed about any changes in weather. Local teams usually monitors closely any meteorological systems that may generate a tropical storm. Where it is clear that a charter party may be in the path of such a storm, you would be informed as a matter of urgency to change your course and usually move away at least around 100 nautical miles from the path of the said storm. A sailing boat such as a Lagoon 42 catamaran would be able to sail such a distance within at least 24hrs yet any hurricane or tropical storm path would be well calculated 3 to 4 days before any danger is to occur to where you may be. There is therefore no physical risk for crew during their summer yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean.

One other good option in respect of the potential hurricanes in the Caribbean is that your charter could in most cases be cancelled with an option to move your charter dates to another, later period. Finally, airlines are also flexible in such circumstances and as long as you have booked a relevant insurance with them, changing flight details to avoid bad weather should be not a problem either. Finally, in terms of climate and temperatures, without major trade winds, the Caribbean are hotter than in the winter which makes them comparable to the parts of the Mediterranean. Without trade winds the sea is smooth in the Caribbean and almost perfect for novice and inexperienced crews.

Thus in case you are looking for a great value yacht charter deals, on a sailing catamaran or a monohull or simply want to avoid crowds and enjoy a unique yachting lifestyle vacation, head to the Caribbean in June, July and maybe even early August.

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