Atlantic Ocean

Yacht Charter Guide for the Atlantic Ocean:

East Caribbean locations in the Windward and Leeward islands are inevitably the most popular.  Your typical fortnight of sailing in the Grenadines will start in St Vincent or Grenada, in Windward Islands around Martinique or Guadeloupe and Antigua and in Leeward islands around St Martin. British Virgin Islands or BVI's and USVI's are the most popular yacht charter location while Spanish Virgin Islands around Puertorico have new base and additional boats recently. 
Increasing number of sailors visit Brasil and Cape Verde, while Canaries have always been an established charter location. In recent years there is also a trend to explore Patagonia and West Caribbean more with some long-term yacht charter deals including an option to sail across many of those, including ONE WAY between Canaries and East Caribbean as part of a transatlantic crossing or even one way between locations such as Martinique and Mediterranean or Martinique and Miami or even Texas or Mexico for example.

In the Atlantic Ocean, current yacht charter destinations are:

  1. East Caribbean including Windward, Leeward and Virgin Islands
  2. West Caribbean including Cuba, Mexico, Belize and Panama
  3. Canaries including one way charters to and from Balearics, Cape Verder or Brasil
  4. Cape Verde
  5. Brasil including Rio and Angra dos Reis
  6. Florida and the Key West
  7. Bahamas and the Exhumas
  8. France - Brittany Atlantic Coast
  9. Spain - West Atlantic Coast around Galicia
  10. Portugal's Atlantic coast around Lisbon and Azores or Madeira
  11. A small number of yachts in other locations such as Patagonia for luxury mega yachts or those available for transatlantic crossings and ARC Rallies as well as special deals on long-term and one way charters between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean

We also offer transatlantic crossings as well as one way charters between locations such as:

  1. A.) Balearics - Canaries
  2. B.) Balearics - CAPE VERDE
  4. D.) Canaries - BRASIL
  5. E.) One way between the Caribbean and the Mediterraneaan
  6. F.) One way between Florida and Cyprus or Turkey
  7. G.) One way between Mexico's Pacific Coast (La Paz) and the Mediterranean
    and many other similar deals.

How to charter a yacht in the ATLANTIC OCEAN:

Please give us a call, email us at or fill out a form on these pages to provide as many information so that we can send you a detailed quote on the available yachts in the region.  Ideally, you will let us know of your A) Charter dates B) Type or size of the yacht C) Cabins required D) Ideal or Maximum Budget and we will take the rest on our shoulders and prepare detailed quotes and arrange suitable boat for your sailing yacht charter vacation.






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