Yacht Charter Guide in the Pacific:

Sailing yacht charter in the Pacific is the ultimate yachting vacation and a special desire of most holiday makers. Pacific ocean encompasses a third of the Earth's surface and is significantly larger than Earth's entire landmass, with room for another Africa to spare.  The most interesting or most popular part of the ocean is certainly South Pacific. Destinations such as French Polynesia and it's lovely island countries of Tahiti, New Caledonia and Fiji or Marshall Islands and Tuamotu's are once in a lifetime dream destinatons.  Australia's Whitsundays are most visited due to popularity of sailing on this continent while Queensland's coast, at least while the summer is on in the Southern Hemisphere, and Tasmania follow closely.  On the other side, in the North Pacific, California, Alaska and Anacortes are latest additions.  Mexico's Baja California with its popular resorts such as La Paz attract thousands of sailors too.  We also offer one way yacht charter between some of the islands and long-term sailing holidays that start in Tahiti and go across Tuamotu archipelago are the absolute top of the iceberg when it comes to making a yachting adventure a dream.

In the Pacific Ocean, current yacht charter destinations are:

South Pacific:

  1. Tahiti - Bora Bora, Raitea, Taha'a, Huahine
  2. Marquisas and Tuamotu Archipelago
  3. Australia- Whitsundays, Sydney, Queensland, Kimberley region, Tasmania
  4. New Caledonia - Noumea
  5. Fiji - cabin or luxury mega yacht charters only
  6. Hawaii
  7. Marshal Islands - superyachts and luxury catamarans only

North Pacific:

  1. Alaska
  2. California including Los Angeles and Malibu
  3. Canada
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Mexico - Baja California
  6. Washington State

How to charter a yacht in the Pacific Ocean:

Please give us a call, email us at charter or fill out a form on these pages to provide as many information so that we can send you a detailed quote on the available yachts in the region.  Ideally, you will let us know of your:

  • A) Charter dates
  • B) Type or size of the yacht
  • C) Cabins required
  • D) Ideal or Maximum Budget
    and we will take the rest on our shoulders and prepare detailed quotes and arrange suitable boat for your sailing yacht charter vacation.


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