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We at A2A Yachting are very proud to offer unconventional ONE WAY yacht charter holidays. While in most scenarios you will be asked to return to the location where you picked up the boat, in many situations we can allow you to sail to another one.  There are many advantages of chartering a yacht on a one way basis. The biggest ones are avoiding the same route you have already covered or indeed sailing against the wind.  Other advantages are numerous, but some of the most important ones are certainly seeing more of the yacht charter destination you are visiting, allowing yourself and your charter crew to spend more time in specific locations, and so on … New yachts are always available and delivered to the Mediterranean in Spring or to the Caribbean in the Autumn. Whatever your reason or sought advantage is, you can rest assured as we at A2A Yachting will certainly be glad to discuss any type of One Way Yacht Charter with your family or crew.

Examples of already arranged one way yacht charter holidays:

Our clients have for example sailed ONE WAY between Split and Dubrovnik in the Croatian Adriatic, the yacht charter destination with one of the most spectacular sailing itineraries around. Others have however sailed from Zadar – Split or Sibenik to Dubrovnik and Pula to Trogir as well. These type of ONE WAY yacht charters are not offered regularly, yet they can be arranged on request and we are at the forefront of finding such deals. Often they are combined with a 10 day yacht charter holiday, although this does not have to be the case, as longer term yacht charter vacation of between 3-8 weeks may be an even better solution.

In any case, one way yacht charters can be arranged in other locations too. One of the most interesting is certainly a ONE WAY yacht charter on a new Lagoon 450 sailing catamaran, starting out of San Antonio in Ibiza and ending in Palma de Mallorca, after a long term circumnavigations of the whole of Balearics, including island of Formentera, Island of Menorca as well as aforementioned Ibiza and Mallorca. One other client also sailed on a Bavaria 50 Cruiser in the Croatian Adriatic, but started out of Northern Istrian town of Pula and sailed all the way to Dubrovnik in 4 weeks this time. Only last month, our regular clients sailed on a luxury Catana 55 Carbon Infusion starting out of Martinique and ending their one way yacht charter in Grenada dozens of sailing miles further South in the East Caribbean.   One way between Martinique and Guadeloupe and St Martin and BVI’s is also very popular.

You may also be pleased to know that we also arrange ONE WAY yacht charters that includes Atlantic Crossing, starting either in Turkey, Croatia or France and ending in St Martin, BVI’s or St Lucia. Shorter term one way yacht charter sailing holidays between the Balearics and the Canaries are probably the most popular ones. Namely, every April you can sail from Tenerife or Gran Canaria towards Mallorca and every October you can sail from Mallorca towards Tenerife or Gran Canaria indeed. These last between 2-3 weeks only and cost anywhere between 2,000 – 5,000 Eur maximum. On some occasions you can also sail from the Canaries all the way to Baltic Sea, yet these options are very rare and not offered on a regular basis. There are also opportunities to sail one way from Croatia – Cape Verde, on this route in October and November, while the opposite direction one way yacht charters starting out in Mindelo in April and ending in Trogir by end of May is also available on request. In simple terms, sailing one way is less adventurous and embarking in Cannes and ending in St Tropez on a 7, 10 or 14 day yacht charter basis is probably a route you would wish to do one day. The same applies in Southern Italy where you can sail from Amalfi coast or Naples and one way to Sicily.

Finalise your One Way yacht charter vacation:

If you are planning to charter a yacht on a one way yacht charter basis these days and are keen to discuss any type of itinerary, be it in the Caribbean, Mediterranean or anywhere else; One Way yacht charters between Phuket in Thailand and Langkawi in Malaysia is one other one way yachtcharter holiday option available on a regular basis, this is your opportunity.

How to charter a yacht on a one way basis:

Please give us a call, email us at or fill out a form on these pages to provide as many information so that we can send you a detailed quote on the available yachts in the region.  Ideally, you will let us know of your A) Charter dates B) Type or size of the yacht C) Cabins required D) Ideal or Maximum Budget and we will take the rest on our shoulders and prepare detailed quotes and arrange suitable boat for your sailing yacht charter vacation.  Thus Contact us here at A2A YACHTING now and let us know what your planned or envisaged idea is. We will then try and source out the most suitable charter yacht and provide the best available yacht charter deal or a lastminute sailing holiday offer.


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