Charter management

Placing a yacht into a desired fleet in order to recoup the costs of ownership

Most of us dream about owning a private yacht. Many even manage to change or upgrade their lifestyles, actually living aboard throughout the year. Amongst those who are working every day, some even manage to make good use of their purchase, as only a few can afford to let them sitting idle in the port. Finding the time to sail may also be a problem even when financing issues are not overwhelming. This is where an option to charter manage your yacht comes in, as it makes sense to use such an expensive purchase more than a couple of weeks a year.

We can arrange for your boat to enter into one of a number of CHARTER MANAGEMENT or YACHT OWNERSHIP programmes, some of which are comparable. They mostly include bareboat charter yachts from 34-64ft or skippered and crewed yachts from 40-62ft. We can also arrange charter management of luxury yachts and for this we recommend our Central Agency services. In terms of bareboat or skippered yachts, we can arrange a suitable programme in most major sailing destinations, including many tropical or exotic locations. If you wish to own a boat, without the major worry of huge maintenance expenses and variety of challenges that come with fully private ownership, please do enquire with us about charter management options available. Where possible, you can also discuss approved financing with us and choose from guaranteed monthly payments or performance based income.

In most cases, tax benefits may be achieved by managing the yacht through such a programme and in some cases, the initial outlay can be a much smaller sum, rather than the full cost of the boat. We at A2AYACHTING™ are well placed to offer an independent advice and assist you in finding the best solution for your own specific requirements which can include an exit strategy for maximum resale value of your yacht. At least 10 different brands can be considered when buying a yacht into charter management programme and all of them, including range of sizes, are best value in one sailing destination, but may be wrong choice in another one. Unless you are set on a specific model, we can advise which one is going to be providing best returns or just lowest cost of ownership. This can also include some motor yachts or power catamarans, thus whether you are in the market for a sail, power or luxury yacht, we can work with you to get to the best possible outcome.

A2AYACHTING™ will occasionally publish more information on available programmes, but for now our recommendations will be provided on request only. To get a suggestion, recommendation or just an advice on what boat to buy or where to place her under a charter management or yacht ownership programme, do get in touch at your leisure by sending email at sales or calling one of our numbers.