NEW VAAN R5 with el. engines, code-0 sail & fully recyclable being built in Holland!

NEW VAAN R5 with el. engines, code-0 sail & fully recyclable being built in Holland!

A2AYACHTING™ is a selected broker for the sale of VAAN catamarans in the UK:

Published by Eldin Basic on July 28th, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have been chosen to represent VAAN shipyard on the UK market. Builders of highest quality sailing catamarans with electric engines and by using fully recyclable materials 100%, these fit well in line of our own commitment to support charities or projects such as Water Revolution Foundation amongst others. First fully recyclable VAAN sailing catamarans was just launched these days. It was a VAAN R4, the 42ft performance sailing cat available from 399,000 EUR. She can come with options such as foldable centreboards (150-190cm total draft) at a cost of 12,900 Eur, FSC cork decking in cockpit and transom (7,900 Eur) or on the upper deck (11,025 Eur). Other notable and recommendable extras for VAAN R4 (similar offering for NEW R5 as well) are electric furling system jib at 13,121 Eur, Quantum 85m2 Code-0 with furler at 11,625 Eur or 2x Harken electric winches on V-grinder at 7,090 Eur to name but a few.

Additional Extras:
Finally, optional Ocean Volt SD15 saildrives with 2x15kW and hydro generation are available at 22,245 Eur and more powerful Ocean Volt Twin sail drive 15 with servo prop hi-power hydro generation are available at 36,045 Eur. Both VAAN R4 and R5 otherwise come with standard Torqeedo Electric Pods of 2x10kW with second helm engine control lever costing 1,290 Eur to install. Standard batteries are likely to be Torqeedo 4x Power 24-3500 (18kWh) while upgraded 21kWh XL Battery Pack (42kWh total) is available at 22,450 Eur. Generator (15kW incl. 200l diesel tank) costs 28,900 Eur, Solar Panels 640Wp cost 4,750 Eur while reversible Heating/Airco system (in combination with generator) costs 22,500 Eur. Watermaker is 11,900 Eur while the standard NAV package by B&G that includes 2x Tridon 2 Displays, 2x Zeus evo3 9inch, Precisions 9 compass, V90S VHF, H50 Wireless handset, WS310 Windsensor, DST800 Transducer, Triton 2 Pilot controller, NAC3 Autopilot computer, RF25 Rudder etc costs 15,862 Eur.

The VAAN R5 pricing starts at 895,000 Eur and a fully equipped boat can cost as high as 1,5 million Eur (including code-0 sail, upgraded el. Engines, generator, air con and many, many other extras, while a reasonably equipped blue ocean sailing boat is likely to be around 1,25 million... Delivery times are to be confirmed at the time of order. Most likely 10-12 months initial suggestion with a small refundable deposit of 5,000 - 8,000 Eur sufficient to secure your own slot. Let us just add that the Code Zero sail's definition is ''a cross between a genoa and an asymmetrical spinnaker that is used for sailing close to the wind in light air'' ... You won't be offered this as an optional extra on most other types of catamaran for a single reason as they can sail when reaching close to the wind or a flat sail with straight luff, a mid girth about 60-65% of the sail's foot length and designed to provide sailing speed when there is almost no wind won't take you places unless you sail on a VAAN CATAMARAN!

SPECIFICATIONS (subject to change)

  • LOA: 49ft / 14.95m
  • Beam: 7.94 m
  • LWL: 14.39 cm
  • Draft: 120 cm / 200 cm (retractable centerboard optional)
  • Mast Height: 23.8 m
  • Propulsion: 2x electric pods
  • Bridge deck clearance 91 cm
  • Sail areas:
  • Main: 80 m2
  • Jib: 45 m2 (self-tacking)
  • Code-0: 120 m2 (option)
  • Gennaker: 170 m2 (option)

The R5 comes in two versions:
These are open cockpit R5 version, and the closed cockpit live-aboard version, the R5-LA. The main difference is the sliding door that is placed further aft in the LA version. While this may seem minor, it creates a vast interior saloon space that allows for truly unique layout options which can be tailored to your needs. To highlight the user-friendly solution here, with the sliding glass door moved further aft, part of the cockpit becomes part of the interior space creating a 30m2 saloon area. The sliding doors and sliding side windows can be opened to be ‘outside’, or closed to be ‘inside’ the very spacious saloon.

NEW R6 AND R7 in pipeline and VISIT to the SHIPYARD:
Most importantly, these are high quality EU built products (Dutch built) and are made of truly sustainable and circular materials such as recycled aluminium, FSC certified cork decking, leather-replacements from pineapple leaves and biological fabrics. And of course it is all-electric too. With LA version of VAAN R5, there are no flapping tents, zippers and view distorting plastic but crystal clear floor-to-ceiling glass all the way around. For different parts of the world or sudden weather changes, the R5 LA offers the best of all worlds. This focus on high quality will enable the shipyard to build even more luxurious models. NEW R6 is due to be finalised in the coming months and there is also a plan to launch a NEW R7 as of end of 2022 or in 2023. Will you be a first customer to take one of these !? We would also be pleased to welcome you at the shipyard and show you around the premises as well as existing work and future plans. Call us to book your visit now!

In case you are interested to learn more or indeed to order a NEW VAAN R4 or R5 sailing catamaran, we can send you a quote with selected equipment which we recommend as essential or necessary for a private owner or we can just send you a general excel pricing for you to select any extras. With a small refundable deposit of around 5,000 Eur you can reserve your slot. We can also offer a fully managed solution with crew service, insurance, booking as central agency so as to reduce your ownership costs by providing some returns through charter income or we can advise on who to equip the boat based on your actual sailing area and for the private usage. Awaiting your feedback before sending a quote.

To book your luxury sailing catamaran charter in 2023 (no VAAN cats will be chartering before most likely) and on board of a NEW VAAN R5, or on one of the other yachts available for charter across the Mediterranean in 2022, on a lastminute dealsor advance bookings for next year, please do get in touch by filling out the enquiry form, by email, on WhatsApp or on social media.

This news refers to the NEW VAAN R5 sailing catamaran to be launched in Holland by end of 2021 or early 2022.