Any Day Charters

About chartering a yacht any day of the week:

Exotic destinations such as the Caribbean or many in the South East Asia and Indian Ocean including Thailand and Seychelles, provide a free opportunity to book a yacht during any period in a week.In other words, you can start your charter during any day of the week and also extend your charter by one or two days as you please. A 9-day charter starting on a Tuesday and ending on Thursday is always available and encouraged in these locations. This is mainly due to such traditions in place, but also due to lack of flights available or seasons lasting longer.

In the Mediterranean or the Baltic Sea however, where season is shorter and the life is more structured, any day charters were not available until only recently. We are now pleased to offer any day charters in these sailing destinations as well however. Not every boat is available, yet there is a good selection of bareboat, skippered as well as luxury yachts which will organise check-in at a desired time. The charters can also last as long as you wish and they can be short-term or extended long-term charters.

How to charter a yacht starting and finishing any day of the week:

Please give A2AYACHTING™ yacht charter team a call, email us at or fill out a form on these pages to provide as many information so that we can send you a detailed quote on the available yachts in the region. Ideally, you will let us know of your A) Charter dates B) Type or size of the yacht C) Cabins required D) Ideal or Maximum Budget and we will take the rest on our shoulders and prepare detailed quotes and arrange suitable boat for your sailing yacht charter vacation.