Informal Regattas

About arranging an informal sailing regatta for your club or group of friends:

We at A2AYACHTING™ have great experience in arranging yacht charters for a group of sailors including sailing clubs or major sailing adventures as part of a travel agency arrangements. Our clients sail for over two decades with as many as 20 sailing boats and in various locations including Croatian Adriatic, various Greek islands, Italian coastline and other parts of the Mediterranean. We have also arranged large flotillas or informal regattas in the Caribbean, mainly around Grenadines or in the Virgin Islands. Other locations can also be considered as long as there is sufficient number of required boats available.

Informal regattas are allowed as long as there is no official or formal competition during the charter. It differs from formal regattas as all charter boats are used by the same group and each boat follows the same or similar destination. We can get good multiple booking discounts on such deals so do send your queries soon. The informal regattas also differ from traditional flotillas in as much as there is no official leader or organising of the regatta and every boat can sail as independently as they wish or agree with others in the party. One of best examples of an informal regatta is when business takes all its staff for a sailing holiday, a group of friends get together to charter a few yachts at the same time or a sailing club organises yearly or regular outing for its members.

How to book a number of yachts for your sailing club or large party:

Please give A2AYACHTING™ a call, email us at or fill out a form on these pages to provide as many information so that we can send you a detailed quote on the available yachts. Ideally, you will let us know of your A) Charter dates B) Type or size of the yacht C) Cabins required D) Ideal or Maximum Budget and we will take the rest on our shoulders and prepare detailed quotes and arrange suitable boat for your sailing yacht charter vacation. We can currently offer identical boats in a number of locations and they may include 10x4 cabin sailing boats or twenty 5 cabin monohulls in the same marinas or nearby ! The best locations for informal regattas are in Croatia around Zadar and also Split and Sibenik or in Greece around Athens and Italy around Sicily, Sardinia and Tuscany. At times, large informal regattas can also be organised in the Caribbean, in particular around Martinique, Grenadines and Virgin Islands.